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  • KadZuks

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    March 10, 2020 at 3:28 am
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    I think a fun way to add dynamics to traits would be to separate them into “virtues” for seemingly good traits and “vices” for seemingly difficult traits. Easily you could make a system that says 3 virtues and and 2 vices, or you could put each of the traits on a scale (some being stronger than others). Example: 4 weaker virtues would allow you to have one stronger vice. I think this would just make the game more interesting (and obviously there would be a cheat to override it for the people complaining in the back).

    But in a way this is is similar to quirks so I like it. And I think they could be specific like “doesn’t clean dishes” or “has random smelly flatulence” or “always says please and thank you” or “only eats healthy food (plugging a nutrition system)” etc.


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