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    March 10, 2020 at 3:14 am
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    I agree i think there should be an option for less equals more? this is an idea i just thought of, maybe for main conversations topics there could sub-catogories for the conversation to kind of flow by? So instead of maybe clicking multiple or the same interactions. They can just choose from the sub-catergories that would cover all the basics that you’d otherwise normally click individually, and you’d eventually find out the information throughout paras convos. Each conversation would be new and not repeated if this is possible (for this option). But then there would also be the option to click each individual question within the sub-group.

    Idle chit chat.
    which would cover questions like: How are you? What did you do today? How’s work? How’s your family/partner/spouse? What are you doing later/ for the weekend/holidays etc.?

    Casual catch up
    Would be stories about other paras or nieghbors, gossiping/rumors, letting other paras know what’s new in your life, job, spouse/bf or gf etc. talk about movies and books they recently read and finished, what new hobby they’ve taken up etc.

    Deep conversations
    Where you talk in-depth about things that bother you, things that worry you,likes, interests, favorites, controversial things, secrets/confessions (i think confessions would be cool between friends,family, and even strangers) and the para could give advice or maybe feel weirded out by it and stop talking to the para making up an excuse to leave and if the next time a para tries to talk about it dependin on the reaction they could say they dont want to talk about it. Paras talk about childhood and memories etc.

    Romantic conversations
    would be obviously flirtatious lol, asking about marriage,and other dating related questions.


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