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    February 21, 2020 at 11:14 pm
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    [quote quote=7072]There have been so many great ideas. I hope this was not mentioned before.

    I would like to see different types of contests for Paras to participate in. A few examples:

    -Radio and television contests: When your Para is listening to the radio or watching tv a dialogue box could randomly pop up with a contest. It could be a trivia that you have to answer correctly in order for your Para to win a prize. The trivia question should be related to Paralives. Names of streets, the amount of parks in the world etc. They could then get a phone call from someone at the radio or tv station telling them they won a prize. The prize could be delivered to their home the following day, or they can pick it up at the station (could be a rabbit hole). They could win actual buy mode items, but also Paradimes or certificates for the shops and restaurants that they could actually use.

    -Photo contests: There could be a section in the newspaper where Paras can read about different contests that are going on. The photo contest is pretty straight forward. The Para will get a theme and will get a specific amount of time to take the photo and submit. The winning photo will be displayed as a poster in the world and the Para will win a prize. I don’t know how story progression will work when playing with multiple households, but it would be nice if you could play with one household and submit a photo and then other households and do the same. Instead of the winner being a random townie.

    -Social Media and online contests: the possibilities are endless with this one. Sweepstakes, caption, fill in the blanks.

    -Lottery: This is not really a contest, but I would like to see this as well. Not as in the Sims 4 where it is a holiday and you just get a notification indicating whether your Para won or not. I would like to see the Para actually going to the store to buy the ticket. We as players choose the numbers and then the Para could check the results on live on tv, or after in the newspaper or online. If they win a check will be sent to their house and they actually will have to take that check to a bank to cash it.


    This would be so cool! I’d love for them to be able to participate in contests.

    Magazine/newspaper contest: they could submit an essay or idea depending on the topic at hand and send it in. They could win prizes like cash or items for their home or a new car. Some could even be a voucher to a trip somewhere or even be featured in the ‘magazine’ and it’d alert people in the town.

    Writers contest: paras who are writers can submit in their work and win prizes or have it published.

    To add to your radio stations they could win concert tickets too! 🙂


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