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  • Karon

    February 21, 2020 at 12:30 am
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    [quote quote=7077]phew that was a read but i think i understand what you where trying to say and the world idea sounds really reasonable and i think would work because sims 3 wasn’t well optimized and as the world filled up more it became laggier even with nrass, now i dont exactly like loading screens most of the time but i can stand them and cutting things off like that reduces lag like in minecraft you have the radious around you of whats currently loaded so i’m no game dev so dont ask me whats reasonable… but is sounds like it also Alex said he is not implementing religion but the cultural feel of things he will be from my understanding is something i loved from sims 3 and isn’t technically religion
    i hope you can understand what i’m trying to say…


    haha yeah @BlazeQuakes, I understand what you’re saying. In a game like that, implementing a religion is hard, because or you don’t add them or you have to go really deep, otherwise you would be offending a bunch of people. But culture is something more broad to approach, you could add a few new foods, new radio station, new gestures (like in Brasil we hug and kiss cheeks to say hi to a friend/family member), etc… But just because your sim is american, brazilian or japanese, it doesnt mean they have to eat fast food, or coxinhas or sushi, but most people around them do eat those things.


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