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  • Karon

    February 21, 2020 at 9:01 pm
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    [quote quote=7066]

    I know its not the best post, I just had so many ideas lately, but I was jsut lazy to sit down and write them out, edit and then post… Also, maybe I should’ve shared each topic separately, but its ok… its out already, and I feel like I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t hahaha

    It’s great, don’t worry! I really like the idea of the hexagonal neighbourhoods. If possible, it would be cool if none of the neighbourhoods were locked for DLC, since not everyone would own them. Instead, what if you could choose a hex when you buy the DLC, and place the neighbourhood there?


    @Jinxin Locking the neighborhoods would be better, because at the end the city would look sooth as if it had been always like that, you know? like… more realistic. But, as I said, you would’ve a cheat like “worldview.unlock_Neighborhood Willow Creek” or something, and if a new pack you bought used that neighbrohood you would receive a notification to place the neighborhood down elsewhere or to replace the one you edited. Nothing to be afraid. Kinda like how Dine Out prompts you to place one of the new restaurants down in Sims 4, the difference is that it would’ve been built to fit somewhere perfectly, you know?


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