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Home Forums Gameplay & Simulation How healthy is your para? (Tracking paras health and more) Reply To: How healthy is your para? (Tracking paras health and more)

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    February 16, 2020 at 10:33 am
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    [quote quote=7026]This is great! Expanding on this I’d love a lifetime stats page for your Para, including everything, similar to at the end of a Civ 5 game.
    This could include graphs such as:

    • Wealth
    • Health
    • Number of relationships
    • Average relationship strength
    • Fame
    • Land Value
    • etc.

    And information such as:

    • Strongest [type] relationship, e.g Friendly, Romantic, Family, Bad.
    • Favourite meal
    • Most common/uncommon emotional state
    • Number of children/pets/family members or something of the sort
    • Lifetime positive/negative relationship count
    • Most positive/negative relationships at one point
    • etc.

    What do you think?


    I like that idea! I think it would work really well for being part or even a para’s overall biography. I really like the idea of having positive and negative relationship count. To add to that listing the work history of the para of all jobs and volunteer jobs they have had including if they were fired or quit beside it, maybe that would affect the para’s work performance in the future or determine the outcome of what type of jobs they’ll be hired for next time.


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