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  • Karon

    February 15, 2020 at 4:13 pm
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    There’s something I hate in SIms 4, and that if we change our sim haircolor after we left CAS, hte new haircolor is considered when having a kid. Also, Sims 3… When we would paint our sims hair like… Pink… and it would be inherited by our kids… I know its cool on berry challenge or osmething like that, but I’d like it to be a more realistic.
    Like, maybe we are forced to give our parafolk a natural haircolors and a dyed one, you can copy the dyed one to the natural one and vice-versa, or you could link the two and if you change one, both change, etc… This way if you want your pink hair to be inherited, you have the option, but the game randomly generated folks will focus on having natural haircolors.


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