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  • jos?

    February 11, 2020 at 1:18 am
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    I think it would be neat if we could add the realistic sides of being a teen or pre-teen. Like for instance a girl having her first menstrual, that could be considered a special event maybe? It is a big change in teens, and it could bring along new emotions or feelings, maybe even the beloved zits we all love. ( I know zits were an option in Sims2 if you had a cheat enabled) And if the gradual aging gets added into the game that would be neat because then the girl and boy could grow and change throughout their teen years. The teen boys could have something like their voice changing to a deeper tone when they become a teen. Or not even the day they age to a teen, maybe randomly, because everyone is not the same. So I guess like puberty could be some kind of event, or a milestone-type-thing.


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