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  • kirabook

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    February 10, 2020 at 3:16 pm
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    Ok, I have updated the chart just a smidge based on feedback, but most of the changes are not on the chart itself.

    Mastering Parent and sub-parent skills is not a goal or possibility. You don’t “master” Creativity, Handiness, Social, Cognition, or Physical. You don’t exactly master Cooking, Music, Art, etc etc either.

    Let’s go through an example. Every 10 points on the Cooking Skill nets you a prize. It could be money, an object, or maybe a special food recipe.

    Let’s pretend your Para masters the Baking Skill. That nets you 10 points. Tada! You get a Cooking prize!

    Let’s pretend your Para puts 5 points toward Frying Skill and 5 points toward Grilling Skill. Tada! Another 10 points! A total of 20 Cooking Skill points nets you the next big prize on the ladder.

    Let’s pretend they put 2 points toward Canning, 2 points towards Gourmet, 2 points toward Homemade, 2 points toward Brewing and 2 points toward Winemaking. Tada! That’s another 10 points, 30 in total. Time for another even bigger prize!

    See how that may work? And the super parent skill, Creative, might have its own bigger set of rewards with even bigger thresholds to reach. This method is less restrictive and a little less gamey. You can master an abundance of random subskills under a larger category and still be receiving rewards for your efforts.

    Now that that’s out of the way, another thing brought up in the discord was slightly different methods to grow different skills. Maybe growing your cooking skill isn’t only reading cook books. You have to successfully make a certain plate of food to finally gain a skill point. It starts off small. Successfully make a hot dog. Then it gets a little tougher. Successfully make spaghetti. Successfully bake a cake. Etc etc. Of course, it would depend in which subskill you’re leveling up under cooking.

    That would definitely be a challenge to find unique ways to level up certain skills, so make we’ll save that for another day.

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