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  • luseda1

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    February 10, 2020 at 3:46 am
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    Hmm, potential issue. So flirting is under charisma and that means to max charisma you would have to max flirting. That seems like it’d leave aro-ace parafolk at a bit of a disadvantage. Yes, aro-aces can flirt too, but IDK, forcing them to flirt with people to, say, become a politician doesn’t seem right
    Perhaps the flirting skill could be moved? You could maybe make Romance a subcategory of Social and add flirting and kissing as subskills to that. Maybe dating too, unlocking different kinds of dates and interactions and making your para more successful at dates in general?
    So you could max charisma without having to flirt but still have a flirting social skill

    Also, having a separate romance skill that could be maxed would make for great aspiration potential. Play a Casanova that wants to max all those skills in particular (without necessarily playing a total cheater a la romance sims)


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