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Home Forums General Discussion Are we getting laundry? Reply To: Are we getting laundry?

  • skyler

    February 6, 2020 at 10:58 pm
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    I absolutely loathe laundry in the Sims 4. I hate the chance of starting a fire on your lot and having to clean the lint tray, it’s already a chore to remember in real life.

    But I loved it in the Sims 3! The cute animation of clothes falling into the hamper automatically when changing clothes or getting in the shower. Plus the added moodlets for clean clothes and sheets. I really hope if it is implemented, it’s much more like the latter case.

    I think Paralives could even do better, having laundromats would be really cool. Maybe once your para has gotten “stinky”, that particular clothing set would be “gone” in the hamper until it’s washed on laundry day. Maybe special washers and dryers could make your clothes last for weeks at a time without washing. <3


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