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  • KadZuks

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    February 4, 2020 at 9:03 am
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    I have a very odd suggestion but here it goes –


    Death is a big deal in the Sims but funerals are not…I think a somber occasion to remember the parafolk that died would be a good opportunity to bring some together, tear others apart, and to properly mourn.

    Maybe they even return and join the wake as a ghost. Maybe there’s a reading of the will. Maybe there’s secrets that they left behind and wrote in a letter for others to find…idk just some ideas.

    I also think a Death Day celebration would be cool especially if ghosts were a life state. To be fair I myself am not Hispanic but I don’t think this is an inappropriate cultural appropriation but an appreciation of a cultural celebration (with a paralives twist). Just some ideas.

    Grim Reaper is synonymous with the sims. Maybe, just maybe…there could be a white light for the good place and dark void for the bad place depending on how your para lived their life. That way it isn’t explicitly religious.


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