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  • Corona~!

    January 27, 2020 at 10:54 pm
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    Howdy, Parafolks, my name’s Corona~!

    I’m an aspiring artist from America and a former fan of The Sims who got my start with Deluxe Edition back in 2004. If you wonder why “former”, well… long story short, I’m currently recovering from a stint as a troll brought on by coping with EA assuming that due to The Sims having no competition people would buy whatever they put out. My hope is to retool all of that frustration towards supporting Paralives instead of wasting it screaming at EA to fall on deaf ears.

    My hobbies include gaming, reading comics and hanging out with my friends, but what really gets me fired up is making something! From drawing to writing and all manner of design, creativity is my passion and I love to share my ideas and creations.

    That’s actually why I joined this forum: I was posting so much feedback for Paralives on Twitter that it only made sense to go somewhere I could plan things out better and share it in longform instead of doing 300 character post after 300 character post somewhere I couldn’t edit things to be more coherent each time inspiration struck.

    Not that I think they desperately need my ideas given how great the game is already shaping up to be. The innovations in dynamic sizing and placement for objects and building parts completely blew my mind but what I’m really dying to see is how that kind of forward-thinking and versatility translates to Parafolks or the world at large.


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