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  • Parafanatic

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    January 21, 2020 at 10:51 pm
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    [quote quote=3368]We were discussing what we would like to see with the Character creator (We also came up with a fun name, Design A Parapal or DAP) So here are our ideas:

    New hair system: You can choose from seperate front, rear and back hairs. This can make for some unique combinations.
    New clothes system: Tops and jackets, etc. are now seperate, allowing you to combine different tops and other accessories. Also, you can edit various parts of certain clothing, for example the sleeves of a t-shirt or the neck of a dress.
    Advanced Edit Mode: You can enter Paint Mode and paint any piece of clothing. Choose from different colors and patterns or make your own, and apply them to any part of your clothes with a brush, similar to The Sims 4’s Pet Paint Mode.
    Traits: You can choose 5 traits from a wide range. However, for the game to be more balanced, there is an extra negative trait. There are also 2 empty trait slots, that will turn to either positive or negative traits based on how your Parapal is behaving or influencing the world.

    I will keep this list updated as we come up with even more ideas! ?


    It would be cool to have pregnancy cloths and infant clths to pick for when u have babie


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