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  • thevioletlily

    August 23, 2019 at 11:13 pm
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    quote Winderhousen post_id=662 time=1566594407 user_id=550:

    Much of what you’re writing about is a from a branch of psychology called “Behaviorism.” It has its application in real life, but it cannot be used to affect or describe the whole of human thought and action. Maybe it works for animals completely, but not people. I would combine it with cognitive psychology, social learning theory, and psychosocial psychology.

    Cognitive psych basically claims that people are not blank slates. We are born with personalities that can be molded by own choices.

    Social learning theory claims that our personalities are influenced by the teaching, expectations, and traditions of surrounding culture.

    Psychosocial psychology claims that our personalities are molded by positive and negative social experiences in childhood.

    These three and behaviorism should be combined to create a realistic psychological basis for life simulation games.

    Thanks for the explanation. My purpose in posting my first comment was to address the issue of, from what I’ve seen, the lack of that specific type of AI learning in life sim games.

    In “The Sims”, for example, the sims do not learn from past experiences. They are products of their initial traits. The “Sims 4” addressed this in a way with the Parenthood pack, but it really only gave you the option to add on a few more traits through some very specific experiences. That is not the type of AI learning that could create a complex character.

    The type of AI that could would be one that can learn from nearly every experience. I gave the creature in “Black and White” as an example of this, as it was the first video game character I had seen with that type of AI.

    All complex creatures are, at least in part, a result of their environment. Any character that lacks the ability to learn from their environment will seem unrealistic and dull in comparison.

    I didn’t mean to say this specific type of AI learning should be the only contribution to a simulation person’s personality or behavior, but rather I meant that, when incorporated, it could contribute much to whatever personality or behavior mechanics are already in place.

    That being said, I doubt this type of AI will be incorporated to the game. It is rather complex and I don’t want to put even more pressure on the game developers than there already is. Complex characters are in no way a requirement in what could be considered a virtual doll game, and taking a similar route to “The Sims” in regards to personality is definitely the easier option.

    I just think it would be very interesting to see in a life sim game at some point in the future, even if it isn’t this one.


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