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  • luseda1

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    January 14, 2020 at 5:25 pm
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    I could see robots having some kind of hygiene need. Sure, they don’t get sweaty but dust and such could potentially accumulate on them. Maybe a chronically low hygiene need could cause things like overheating or body parts rusting (and too much overheating or rust going untreated can kill them). I could see the hygiene need typically decreasing very slowly, though, with the exception of the robot taking part in messy tasks.

    I could easily see heat being a problem for them. Powerful computers, as they are now, generate quite a bit of heat. Now imagine if they could simulate comparable memories and personality to what a human has, the sort of processing power you’d need. There’d probably be some sort of in-built cooling system so summer isn’t an automatic death sentence, but maybe it’s not perfect and being in poor repair can harm a robot’s ability to deal with the heat.

    Something that might be fun is glitches, since we all know how unreliable technology can be. Minor glitches can happen randomly or because of bad things happening to a robot (overheating, electrocution, falls, immersion in water), and don’t have sweeping effects. It’s things like losing a skill point, losing friendship/romance points with someone and getting minor debuffs (for skills or moods). Minor glitches are relatively easy for someone with the robotics skill to fix. Major glitches only occur when bad things happen to a robot and have more major effects: suddenly hating everyone, being stuck in one random mood forever, losing all ability to use a random skill, losing power randomly (akin to passing out), etc. Major glitches are harder to fix. Glitches can be left in if the player chooses (maybe it’s amusing), but if too many glitches accumulate in one robot without being fixed it can kill them as their software just gets too damaged to function anymore. Maybe the hardware still works or could be repaired, but reusing the hardware wouldn’t bring back the individual.

    Personally, I think robots should be immortal as long as they’re maintained. It might make sense if it gets harder and harder to maintain older robots as time goes by because of technological progression (they don’t make those outdated parts you need anymore), but that would require technological progression to be portrayed to make sense.

    I don’t think it should be necessary for them to wear clothes because they don’t necessarily have anything that needs covering, but having an option to put clothes on them would be welcome (ideally, all the same options a human para has, maybe including wigs.)

    I think they should be able to identify as certain genders like humans do, so some are agender but some might identify as male, female or (non-agender) nonbinary if the player wants. Perhaps on creation, the player can pick their identity, or randomize it. Or they could all start as agender regardless of physical build but as they interact with humans the player can choose to have them adopt human gender identities.

    I’d like them to be able to date, woohoo and marry human parafolk (but not the specific ones who created them) and other robots. As long as they’re portrayed as sapient beings capable of consenting, I don’t see any problems with that. Sure, in some Sci-Fi universes the power dynamics would make their ability to consent questionable at best, but that doesn’t mean Paralives has to go that route. Maybe they can only have romance options after they’ve existed for a certain amount of time? The equivalent of 18 years or so to make sure they’re mentally mature, maybe? TBF it would be kind of creepy to romance a robot that has only just come into existence and doesn’t know anything about the world yet.


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