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  • luseda1

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    January 14, 2020 at 4:02 pm
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    Yes, random events would be a lot of fun and help the town feel more alive. Some ideas I have for them:

    You find a litter of one or more orphaned kittens/puppies. You can take them in (whether permanently, or to look after them until a home can be found), take them to a shelter or ignore them. Perhaps sometimes if you ignore them long enough, you can see the mom actually does return and move the baby/babies elsewhere. Otherwise, the litter wanders off. You might see them again later as strays, or someone else’s pet/s. If you have children that like that sort of animal at all (a kid that hates dogs won’t want to keep a puppy), or animals in general, they’re very likely to beg to keep the animals and will be disappointed if you don’t.

    In a cemetery with deco graves (that don’t belong to any particular deceased para), you can occasionally find a funeral party gathered around one of the deco graves. You can do something to disrupt it if you’re playing a jerk, but it’s mostly there for ambiance and it might give your para moodlets.

    You’ll also find individual and groups of mourners at a grave occasionally. For a non-deco grave that belongs to a para, the mourners will always be people who knew and liked them, with the exception of celebrity graves if celebrities are a thing. Random people turn up at celebrity graves from time to time. Unlike in the sims, not all mourners act alike and stand there loudly crying- some sit quietly in reflection, some talk to the grave, some leave flowers or other offerings and tidy things up, etc. You can wait until they’re gone and steal the flowers or offerings, if you so choose, but if anyone notices you doing that your relationship will take a big hit (with most people, anyway. Evil parafolk might not care)

    I’d love to see other people’s ideas for random events we could have


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