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  • dreamcytcher

    August 23, 2019 at 2:19 am
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    Hi I’m DreamCytcher!

    I’m probably the only Malaysian Chinese on this site. Simulation games are always part of my childhood (more than just The Sims) and now I own three of The Sims games. Also I’m a member of their forum with the same username.

    One day I saw the news about Paralives and it really stuns me with all those amazing building tools and features, although I wasn’t too fond with the graphics. I think this game has so much potential and possibility in innovating something The Sims series have not been able to do in their game.

    Also, I like to brainstorm for ideas so this might be the best platform for me to give my ideas about a good simulation game. I hope I can contribute something to the game in the early development stage and watch it grow like a proud dad ^^


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