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  • MagaCarter

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    January 10, 2020 at 12:18 am
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    [quote quote=6489]What about things like dungeons or haunted houses? ?
    Winter wonderland type things with ice skating?
    Carnival games?
    Mascot job where the para has to put on a costume ?


    I think “dark rides” would cover haunted houses and dungeons-(whatever that means)?

    OK from what I can tell by looking it up on google- (besides what you linked too) it’s a combination of a dark ride and a “Drop tower” similar to Walt Disney World’s “Tower of Terror”.

    Never thought of winter wonderland w/ ice skating-right I kind of forget Quebec’s winter festival (geeze I should remember about that Ice castle since after Frozen I they added a bedroom(s) that looked like Elsa’s and Anna’s childhood bedroom to the ice castle hotel).

    carvinal games would be a given-

    I ‘m not sure how the mascot employee idea would work.. and how I could maybe tie it in to the other careers I mentioned


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