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  • cakeefeatured

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    January 8, 2020 at 12:20 am
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    I do hope there are more free will behaviors because i also agree it lacks in most games,especially if you have more than one person in a household.

    If a para forgets to pay their bills they should be able to face palm their foreheads like “ugh”

    For random behaviors:
    Paras forget to turn off faucets and forget to take things out of the microwaves,
    Paras could just walk away in the middle of a conversation with another para (or start using their phone).
    Starting dancing randomly around while humming a tune (with no music playing)
    Randomly humming songs wherever they are
    Randomly running across the street frantic because of oncoming people like they’re trying to avoid someone. Dodging other paras (maybe if they’re introverted or shy) by hiding behind objects (i.e. a tree, a car, a building corner, or another para)
    Significant others or spouses checking out other paras they’re attracted to they could get slapped by partner on the back of the head or arm and murmur expletives at them.
    Partners could slap each others butt randomly (it’d be sporadic)
    Younger siblings could follow older or each other around and annoy them


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