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  • Fruit Tingler

    January 7, 2020 at 9:33 pm
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    [quote quote=6454]I agree @Fruit Tingler. It would be nice to have life stages that are not so far apart. Preteen is a great suggestion. I would like to see something between Toddler and Child as well. A Para is a Toddler until about 3 years old and then becomes a Preschooler until the age of 6 perhaps? In this stage they learn to read, write, and other important life skills that they could not do before.
    Child could then be from 6 to 10 years. Preteen 10 to 12.


    I agree. Although my ages would be a little different if I got to pick.

    Infant (0-1)
    Eating, pooping, crying beans which ARE NOT objects. So strollers, baby bouncers?

    Toddler (2-4)
    Learning to talk, walk, go to the bathroom. Playing with toys, nap time, preschool and/or daycare even?

    Child (5-10)
    Elementary school, learning to read, write, etc. Toys, parks, sleepovers, imaginary friends?

    Preteen (11-14)
    Puberty, acne, emotionally unstable? Haha. The cursed life stage.

    Teen (15-18)
    A little more mentally stable than preteens in certain aspects, but still less than young adults, first kiss, friends, high school, drama, etc

    Young Adult (19-34)
    Moving out, finding love, getting a job, maybe university if they go that far and add that too? Parenthood, marriage, etc

    Adult (35-59)
    Same abilities and qualities as a young adult and perhaps them being more career or family-focused (depending on the para) than previously?

    Elder (60-???)
    Being a grandparent, retirement, sharing wisdom, maybe a place to go to meet up with other elders (like Bingo), etc

    Or something like that (if there isn’t gradual ageing).
    This is just me quickly throwing out ideas early in the morning to separate them.