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  • bubba-teh-writer

    January 4, 2020 at 10:30 pm
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    Physical disability is a plausible one as many people have been physically disabled in their lives, whether through sports or workplace accidents. So I think that it could be added with a decent amount of more work.

    HOWEVER, mental disabilities I don’t see ever being added. Why? Because the two ways it could go will be seen as at best too dark and real for this type of game and a total tone shift, or at worst, disrespectful and gross. If we were to have real mental disability, it would not only clash with the rest of the games tone and feel like tonal whiplash, but would be awful to play when many people already have tough lives they want to escape from. And with fake mental disabilities… you can figure that out. It would feel like parody, which is NOT what you want with this mechanic. Too touchy and bad to even try.


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