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  • thevioletlily

    August 21, 2019 at 5:12 pm
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    As much as I can understand the want for this, I’m not sure I agree. I’ve always preferred the interactions between characters to be neutral. This allows you to imagine any number of possible relationships between them.

    This is actually one of the first things I noticed I disliked about the Sims 4. Their interactions were too animated. It made it impossible for you to have a believably shy sim, as the sim was always very outgoing in character.

    I can imagine a similar problem coming from something like this. What if you want to have a teenage para who is more comfortable around adults than other Paras their age? Having the opposite already in place by the game would make it very hard for this to be believable.

    I simply wouldn’t enjoy the game as much if the relationship Dynamics between characters were already in place.


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