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  • ravenben

    December 9, 2019 at 1:38 pm
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    Yep, this will make the Paras have more reason to go outside of their house. This has a similar spirit to the here.

    I can see that it made a more realistic world. The idea to have certain gameplay mechanic in the store (Or business should I say?) will make each of them distinct from one another (Else they are all too similar?).

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    I also was thinking… The cars could have mechanical problems, and the paraling would have the option of take it to the car workshop or repair for self, if he has the attributes.



    Added with the open-world in Paralives, it could make a dynamic neighborhood/town. Where the Paras have to interact with many businesses. Making businesses not merely addition but hold an essential in gameplay.

    However, I am afraid that making a specific mechanism for each type of product will be too much? Here’s just some that I think could have its specific gameplay:
    – Automotive (Maintenance and test drive?)
    – Tattoo/stylist (Choose style), I saw an idea that the Paras could only have a limited amount of clothes early on.
    – Vet/clinic/hospital (Examination, medication, check-up, vaccinization, etc)
    – Restaurant/cafes/bakery etc. (Preparation, serving)
    – many more? haha

    While I think some business’s gameplay will inevitably similar to one another like grocery, florist, handicraft store, gadget store, etc that is still much to develop for.

    This goes without saying that this different gameplay on each business will enrich the experience in Parlives. While nothing is being set yet, let’s just put the idea out 🙂


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