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  • betabug64

    August 19, 2019 at 3:10 pm
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    Drew the picture myself for reference.

    The Bertrams

    Born from the upstates, they’ve moved down here for the father, Harvey to retire, and start a new, but uncertain life of the mother & the kids.

    Harvey: 52

    Former salaryman, he has retired from his work early to focus on helping his father’s hometown down southwest, which is a dying urban sprawl.

    Audrey: 47

    She works as a diner cook for the local diner, and so she works for the entire family to stay afloat.

    Eric: 24

    He works at a different part of the land, and he’s also helping the family to stay afloat. He works as an event organizer and he’s really open about his homosexuality. Sometimes in the weekends, he meets the family to watch some small-town movies.

    Olivia: 14

    A girl whiz who’s doubtful about what she wants to be in the future, and she has a lot of anxiety bonding with new friends at the new school.

    Eric: 10

    He’s joyful and naive, counter to that of Olivia’s personality. He justs want to have fun and frolic around like regular children do.

    I think that’s enough detail for a family, let me know if you like it or not!