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  • ravenben

    December 7, 2019 at 3:03 pm
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    This might be quite late, yet I do agree the overall skill system for Paralives should be used as made as good as possible to enhance the gameplay.

    The Sims 4 sorta expands the skill with aspirations, sometimes having skill-related aspiration with requirements to reach the next milestone. For instance, I think it felt that the fitness skill in TS4 met its full potential not when reaching level 10 but when accomplished the bodybuilder aspiration (Similar thing for others like Master Chef, Bestselling author, etc).

    However, having this requirement system on a lower level might lower down the value of this system. Like “I randomly gain skill every time I do something.” This breaks the immersion especially.

    In addition, while not a very huge concern, I think there should be an incentive to keep practicing the skill. Two approaches I recognize is to penalize by decaying skill level and additional benefit from the over-maxing skill similar to:
    [quote quote=5383]
    If a parafolk maxs out of any skill and keeps practicing the same skills over and over, it then it would allow them to gain extra points on those particular skills which would then title them as either: Beginner (10 extra points), Intermediate (15 extra points), Pro (20 extra points), Expert (25+ extra points). These extra points could not only help them in their career/occupation but would allow more job opportunities and special gifts/events to get or attend.

    List your ideas below I think this would be a interesting topic to see be considered for gameplay if its possible



    So this is what I propose:
    1. Level gain on lower skill levels with a bar
    2. A cap on a certain level where the effort to raise the skill becomes more deliberate (I am thinking of requirement similar to TS4 aspiration)
    3. Certain incentive to keep pursuing certain skill further after ‘maxing’ it (or at least keep practicing it), penalize and or added benefit
    *In case of using decaying, I think the level where the ‘deliberate’ effort start could be the floor of skill decay

    An issue I see is how the NPC will be able to progress the skill as well. Some thoughts on this will be appreciated.


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