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    November 28, 2019 at 8:28 am
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    I’d really like to be able to create and experiement with different terrains and their heights in CAW. I have no idea how to really explain this but like for instance making a mountainious reigon that flows into a suburb or city but it feels more natural and not like sims where it was like you are here now you’re there in a blink of an eye. But I guess smoother transitions? Having the flexibilty to make different neighborhoods and houses on terrain levels/heights, like cliff side houses (like santorini,greece.)
    Being able to create tunnels that go into terrains including rail systems (either working or decoration)
    Being able to create neighborhoods on water/piers like Venice,Italy.
    Creating alleyways that allow bikes,scooters, and paras to travel through.
    Being able to travel by ferry from one side of the world to another.
    Ambient sounds depending on the type of world. For example if you live in a city there would be more sounds of cars,cars honking,sirens,and other noise that comes with living in a big city.
    More natural elements like waterfalls and lakes,ponds. That would allow paras to swim in these.
    Having more control over the roads like they can be curved, create winding roads, or steep hills like youre going up a mountain.
    Creating sidewalks anywhere which includes having sidewalks flow into a roundabout type neighborhood.
    Backwood and rural areas you’d hear more animal sounds,insects, and bird calls echoing.
    Being able to build forests and allowing paras to be able to hike,walk trails,bike on the trails,and even forage plants.
    This one is probably farfetched but what if the longer you play in the world and the longer a house has been built in the world,you would see houses age? And have houses that are abandoned slowly become desolate and eerie looking (vines growing, yards overgrown, wood and stone losing its color)


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