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  • rose-black-vampire

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    August 18, 2019 at 5:01 pm
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    Yes i really would love to have the ability to create a world to fit my “needs” as example a dark Victorian or medieval world with the houses and weather to fit more in this world. In medieval times for example they didn’t have cars electricity and modern items, needs and behavior. they had horses, candles etc. So it would be nice if we can turn off some things like cars etc. and also not to have Parafolks in this worlds from the game, but to full the world with our created characters who will really fit in this world, i really don’t like to see in a medieval world that i have create and all is from this Era, to see in some point some Parafolks to walk with the modern clothes and hairstyles in the road or to be in the park, or to run with their car! Vampires will fit great in Victorian times and if we can manipulate the weather etc, then we can have a dark world with no so sunny days, the day time will be some hours only and the night time will be bigger. Also to include chilling mist and fog and some cemeteries,bats,wolfs,owls, sounds and effects.