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  • Eclipsed_Skye

    August 18, 2019 at 12:19 pm
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    quote Rose Black Vampire” post_id=599 time=1566118622 user_id=291:

    Yes Please !!! This is what i mean !! We need more realistic vampires ! I really want to have my vampires like this!!!

    Sources for blood
    1. donors, friendly Parafolks who willing to donate their blood , we call them (black swans)
    2. some special food that include blood like black pudding, blood sausages, and blood sauce that we can include it in many normal recipes etc.
    3. blood bags ( from special e-markets , Asian markets and Butchers )
    4. black market / hospitals
    5. wine mixed with blood
    6. ( this is nasty for some people ), but if we will have sexual interactions, then we must include the oral feeding from females when they have their “sensitive days” you know what i mean.

    Sickness System
    1. when they don’t feed for long time then they start to feel ill , losing energy so they can’t get up from the bed they can’t go for work, sports etc.
    2. they will be more susceptible to getting sick from normal diseases like everyone else, and they will also be more vulnerable than normal
    3. Also they will feel dizzy losing their orientation, headaches, etc.
    4. Sensitive skin but not like the sims who can die from this. I mean no long outside activities without sun-cream and sunglasses, if they forget to wear sun-cream then when they are outside will feel like they are overheating, burned skin, low energy, become sick. ( all this sooner from normal Parafolks time ) I mean as humans all we can have this problems if we are stay out for long time under the sun but for vampires its different, only 10 minutes its enough to start have this problems.
    5. Garlic, some are ok with it and some are not. For those who can’t eat/smell garlic they can be sick, dizziness, low energy, they must vomit or sleep for long time to “cure” them self.
    6. sunglasses its important always because for the sensitive eyes.
    7. Also sensitive to the cold temperatures. So the better weather is Autumn and Spring.

    How they will look like
    normal like the rest of the Parafolks but when they don’t have their special needs fulfilled then they will be more pale, and the color of their eyes will be change ( nothing extreme ) just one /two tones lighter or darker from the normal eye color or in some cases from light brown/honey color to become green. No fangs please! Or if they have fangs no so large like from the sims !! They can have fangs sharp enough, but smaller from the sims vampire fangs, only top not in the bottom.

    No extreme superpowers. Maybe more power to lift some things from other Parafolks but nothing extreme like to lift a car 😛
    More fast reflexes, but again nothing super extreme like the movies 😛
    Some energy vampires will have the ability to feel the energy/aura from others and they can feed from this sourse.
    They can make others to feel Sad, Angry, Flirty, Tired, Sick, etc.
    Meditation to release the negative energy or to take energy.
    No shapeshifting into a bat or mist etc.
    Not really turn someone into a vampire, they must born like this. However if some normal Parafolk is a donor for a realy long time, then it can be feeling like the vampires but not become really a vampire ( so he/she don’t need to drink blood ), and then when he/she stop donate, he/she will start slowly to feel normal again.

    Sleep and life style
    Normal beds but in dark rooms, or for some extreme cases maybe they will prefer coffins only for aesthetic / psychological reasons.
    They will feel more happy and energized at night when the sun is down.
    They will prefer works who have night shifts. ( so, i hope we will have careers and jobs for night. ) but this is not a must because they can work in every job they want ( if it is inside to the building if is a day job so they will avoid the sun)
    They prefer to have friends who understand and accept their differencess. Some they will be more Loners, hiding their life, and some others they like to show to others what they are and do.
    They will walk like everyone else, and not like the Nosferatu walk style from the sims.

    Age and life span
    Normal life span like the rest of the Parafolks, but they look like, younger from the normal Parafolks. I mean if an adult Parafolk ( 45 yrs old ) start have some wrinkles, the vampire Parafolk will be like a 25 yrs old without wrinkles yet. Until the puberty all is normal but from the puberty and after they will start the awakening phase that they start to have all this differences and needs. The sensitive eyes and skin will be always but not so strong.

    For now I think that this is ok and we don’t need to say something more but maybe in the future will update it more if you want.

    Honestly your ideas are perfect, and pretty much exactly the image I was trying to go for in my original post. I really hope these realistic occults get implemented into the game at some point.


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