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  • rando-gamer

    July 17, 2019 at 9:18 am
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    I think people from the community come up with amazing ideas. But the people who help develop it have never really said any ideas of their own. Or at least from what we know. But aside from ideas and all that, this game is growing and developing by supporters on Patreon and the confidence people would give you on Discord. I haven’t got any experience with coding, 3d art or game development, but from a game I’ve been following for years and is still in development, it shows people how much effort and time is put into a single game. When I saw this game and saw how many people were supporting it it blew my mind. So just a bit of confidence: it doesn’t matter how many years it takes to make this game. If it takes year’s that shows how much effort the team is putting in. So work as hard as you can and keep us updated on things that aren’t going to be a secret!


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