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  • Shaybs

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    November 23, 2019 at 7:00 pm
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    [quote quote=5822]

    Would you have to be in charge of making them do these things or will they just automatically do them? What would happen if their schedules are thrown off? Would there be a change in the mood of the characters? I know what when my schedule changes and I’m off track it makes me feel overwhelmed or frustrated.

    These are both really interesting thoughts. I hope they could follow the schedules without the player having to intervene and enforce them. As for the feelings related to schedule changes, I think that could easily be related to the personality of the individual Para. You’ve said it bothers you when your schedule changes, but my schedule is different every day and it doesn’t bother me a bit, so that would be another nice way to have some variation in personalities.


    I agree! Everyone is different. Your post made me wonder if the characters (like characters in movies or stories or real-life) will grow and adapt to life as it goes on. This could change personalities or ways of life. If a Parafolk were to change jobs and so their schedules had to change, would they welcome the change, become paranoid or more organized or become a more angry/bitter person because of it? What if they move, or have kids (on accident or purpose), get a pet, get sick, etc.?


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