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  • flynnusaurus

    July 17, 2019 at 6:39 am
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    I hope this game isn’t too similar to the sims, I would like a bit of variety between the two games. I think this game is more focused on building which I love, so I don’t think we should delve too deep into the customisation of the people and I don’t think they should have their own language because that seems to similar to the sims to me. I think it should have its own vibes, and I do think a lot of people who are comparing it to the sims might be disappointed if it turns out to be completely different. Even the concept of expansion packs and different life states is a bit too sim-ish. I do understand that a lot of people want this game to be what sims should be, but I think it should be it’s own thing and start its own ideas and trends.


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