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  • rbolton

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    August 12, 2019 at 9:02 am
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    quote Rose Black Vampire” post_id=431 time=1565121032 user_id=291:

    quote Harmonie post_id=391 time=1564951646 user_id=432:

    Yeah, I don’t care for supernatural creatures either (aside from unicorns!). However, I understand that other people do, so as long as they’re optional, I don’t mind. If they’re like zombies in The Sims 3 where they aren’t optional, then we have a problem.

    I would like to have an optional choice as well for everyone of them but i do love to have them in my game . So i think the better way for everyone is to have werewolf’s,witches,vampires,mermaids,unicorns,fairies,etc. but i don’t like zombies, ( many want them and like them ) so if all of this can be in our game it will be great for everyone but i would like to have the option to turn off zombies and keep the rest, someone else would like to turn off vampires or something else and keep on witches and fairies ! So, my point here is, to have them all but t have an separate option for every one of them to turn on/off. This will work good for all of us 🙂

    For such a big feature as that, a simple “turn it on and off” feature wouldn’t work. Just make it into a (possibly free) expansion pack.. maybe name it “Paranormal” 😛