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The Paralives Hub Forums General Ideas "Simulated Clothing" System for Clothing Reply To: "Simulated Clothing" System for Clothing

  • Fiona

    November 3, 2019 at 11:17 pm
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    I would prefer simulated hair that moves with the wind (even if it looks clumped together in strands like the sims 4). As for clothes, I think that it would be better to make an easy way to customize the meshes in-game (rather than the simulated clothes themselves being modified like in your example, which happens to be dedicated software).

    Modern computers have a huge hard drive capacity, as opposed to processing power.

    With my suggestion, there would even be a clothmaker career, where you get to create new outfits off some basics included with the game. Everyone wins: The informatic illiterate get an in-game mesh editor, and those who know what they are doing can mod that screen to make it even more advanced.