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  • RedishPanda

    October 17, 2019 at 1:54 am
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    I like the idea of more detailed skills, but I think it should work differently. There are base skills, motor, creativity, social, mind, and maybe a few others. Once you reach level 3 of one you get branched off even more. Ex- Mind branches to games(video, board, or card), science and Creativity branches to painting, writing, music, and a few others. Then those branch out to be more specific, writing to research or creative writing. Here’s a map to help understand.
    (level #) = level to level up
    Creative(level 3)-
    Writing(level 5)—
    Research Writing(level 8)
    Creative Writing(level 8)-
    FantasyWriting(level 10)
    Sci-fi Writing(level 10)
    Realistic Fiction(level 10)
    Painting/Drawing(level 5)-
    Cartoony Painting (level 10)
    Realistic Painting (level 10)
    Pop Art (level 10)
    Music(level 5)-
    Piano(level 10)
    Guitar)level 10)
    Violin(level 10)
    Drums(level 10

    Each skill goes up to 10. The more specific skills feed some of their progress into the higher skill.
    Ex: practicing the guitar gives points to music and creativity.