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    October 15, 2019 at 2:19 pm
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    @gamedomin I like your ideas for sharing rooms! this could also be an idea for renting rooms or parts of a house, we should make that a new post!

    also for the main topic, I think Giada just meant that PREmade families, already included into the game would have those plots, like in the sims where the only thing that sets the plot is the little description when you click on the family in the neighbor view. (Of course we don’t know yet if the neighbor system will be anything like the Sims, I don’t want to get annoying always making references about it but since it’s our only other reference I don’t know how to imagine this in another way, anyway)
    It would of course be nice if these little descriptions actually matched the parafolks, their traits and their family tree, or else it wouldn’t make sense.
    As for families made by the player, the player just has to add his/her own little description if he or she wants to.

    For the plots of premade families it would be really nice if there was special gameplay associated with it. Again, I’m taking example from the sims but, I heard that the story of Bella Goth in the sis 2 was so elaborate that it was possible to dig some clues about the whole thing? (I didn’t play the sims 2 that much so I don’t know)
    Anyway all of that to say, it would be great if some specific families had a background so interesting/mysterious that it could actually change the gameplay a little bit for those families. Imagine if it was possible to find Bella Goth and bring her back in the sims 2 and discover what really happened! But maybe I’m pushing it too far?


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