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  • Talia

    October 15, 2019 at 3:37 pm
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    Things I want in the game
    1. Judicial system/ prison
    2.natural disasters
    3.go to school with our parafolk like in sims 3 university
    4. COUNTRIES!!!
    I feel like you should be able to go to prison and actually play in there. Like if your Parafolk gets caught stealing they can go to court and if convicted they go to prison and you can keep playing maybe they could escape, make friends, make enemies, whatever we want.

    What would make the game more realistic would have to be natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding. For example if a tornado was coming your parafolk could evacuate/pack up and leave to somewhere safe like a relative.

    I also feel like we NEED to be able to go to the school with our kids and play inside the school like maybe start a food fight in the cafeteria, go to class, skip school, play in the courtyard, go to the library. I would just absolutely love to go to school with my parafolk like in sims 3 university (of course I would want elementary school, middle, and high)

    Another thing that would really too this game off would be countries!! I would love to able to travel wherever I want to experience the culture and people. And we should be able to live in any country we like. For example Brazil, America, France, South Korea, Japan.