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  • gamedomino

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    October 14, 2019 at 4:39 am
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    @Untamed ah yes, sorry, I’m dumb.

    It should be “story plots” and I agree, this would be a cool idea to have them be “incomplete” so you actually have another reason to keep going on with a save file or a family generation, my only problem is how would the player choose this or would it just be random? If random some players would have problems if for example they made a real family and the incomplete plot was a problem unrelated to the people in real life, and choosing them could be problematic as well because that would mean he would have to make separate story lines for each “plot”, and due to this there would be a lot of AI coding.

    Now on a unrelated note, it would be cool if you could share part of a lot with a family, as if it’s an actual plot. for example a family of 4’s parents in the game could give their teenage daughter a plot of their room, which actually makes it their room and they have control over it, so now they have authority over the room and everything inside the room is now officially theirs, perhaps an option for it to only count for furniture, because it would be weird for a teenager to own a literal room.

    Well, cheers guys.