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The Paralives Hub Forums Parafolk Infinite Personality Idea Reply To: Infinite Personality Idea

  • Bodil Bührmann

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    October 11, 2019 at 9:35 am
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    I have also hawe my thoughts about parafolks personality, actually i would prefure not to chose very much from the beginning, Because the way I play the para affect how the will develop. If i prefere that they are very need an clean up after themselves….they learn and will prefere that, but over shold be able to change. I think the choise of jobs and how they interact whit other parafolk should form there personality…so if i want a meen para i just have to play that para meanly and he og she will eventually be more and more meen or evil.
    But of course, we cant play all our parafolk at the same time…som have to be fill ind our nabohood, so how could they develop. Again it would depend on what options the had in the house, the choice of jobs, and the folks around them.

    I would find that more realistik that i dont know or my para dont know who they are until i have made an relationship og by that way I maby will be able to influense on how they interact whit me/ my para.

    What i am trying to say is that I want all that stuff to be somekind of hidden in the game, an not to clear. I love surprises in the game and it would’nt get boring in that way. just my thoughts.