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  • PlyPlay665

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    October 4, 2019 at 9:05 pm
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    I definitely agree. I love the way the Sims 2 did it. As someone who juggles a lot different responsibilities, I don’t have time to play videogames all that often. I loved the Sims 2’s album feature so that I could look back and see some different things that happened in the household when I had played it before and get a feeling for the Sims’ personalities and such without having to actually take notes outside of the game or in their biography. I’ve always wanted to utilize their biographies, but I’m much too lazy to actually type them out every time I play them. Pictures tell a much better story.

    This may just be the nostalgia factor, but I remember spending so much time on TheSims2’s website reading stories!! I feel like having an easy way to share simple stories on an official website within the game would be a fantastic way to do that.

    From my understanding, this game will be on Steam? Does anyone know if there is any other examples of anything like this on there? I haven’t spent much time on Steam.