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  • dooble-dorf

    August 10, 2019 at 8:49 pm
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    quote Bailey post_id=499 time=1565367947 user_id=164:

    That would be very nice. It was be cool if setting up a schedule caused Parafolk to do things automatically.

    Not necessary, but a nice bonus would be if a Para has a personality where they are a little lazy or unorganized and they’ll sometimes forget to do things on their schedule.

    That’s also a neat idea. Maybe the things you schedule could work like needs where their need to do that activity will go up, but other competing needs, personality traits, and mood could affect how high that need gets and if it doesn’t get high enough they fall behind on their tasks. In that case you would need to modify their schedule to fit their personality and lifestyle or work on improving their traits that negatively affect their progress.


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