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  • MaisQueVerPensar

    October 3, 2019 at 10:55 pm
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    [quote quote=5282]I think you overestimate the amount of effort it takes to make a neighborhood with a storyline. This is not something that Alex even has to do or necessarily worry about; it can be outsourced to just about anyone during the game testing period.

    In any case, after doing some research, townies are randomly generated in TS4 and the premade Sims are easily deleted in the household manager menu. As I said, there should be an option to clean the game of pre-created characters.[/quote]

    First bold: It’s not truth. Much of my teenage games were RPGs with remarkable histories, heroes and villans, like Phantasy Star, Lufia, Earthbound… I always wondered how they made Mario work so well in a RPG. I know that stories are hard to be written, and there are games that can’t stay without their stories. However, I don’t think that a LIFE SIMULATOR is a kind of genre which need this.

    Second bold: I apologize ’cause I haven’t saw when you first told this on first response. If it’s a option in-game without need of mods, ok. However, no aspect of a game can be put as more important than the gameplay. Be it Mario, Paralives, or Candy Crush, nothing cares more than gameplay.