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  • Charlie Kingston

    September 29, 2019 at 10:01 am
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    It would be so cool if instead of there being life states like a toddler, child, teen and so on, it would be cool if they are more like a phase. So when the child is a baby, they progress through the baby phase and pass certain stages as their knowledge, skill and age progresses. So when the baby is born it starts at the start of the phase, then it slowly learns to crawls and it grows a bit in size. Then it can learn to talk and so slowly the baby gets older and then by the end of the phase it’s a young toddler. Then when it’s a toddler is can maybe walk, talk a bit better, grow hair and teeth, and so forth. Then the child phase starts at like 6 when they start to gain a little more independence as they progress, the tween phase, where they go out by themselves more, the teen phase where they start to have some more… changes and so it goes on even when they are adults and elders. I think this would be cool instead of a notice and a major change in height. It’d probably be complicated though, but cool. And I’d really like it.


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