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Home Forums Gameplay & Simulation We all have big ideas, why won't share the small ones aswell? (Details) Reply To: We all have big ideas, why won't share the small ones aswell? (Details)

  • cakeefeatured

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    September 28, 2019 at 4:43 am
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    Hair being effected by weather curly hair could become ‘poofy’ maybe straight hair could become wavy or look more weighed down
    When writing you’d see animation of actual words filling up the page.
    Turning on and turning off lights by using the switches on walls.
    When guests come over you could check the peep hole in the door and be able to answer the door or ignore the person on the other side.
    When pouring food or drinks into dinnerware it’d gradually build up.
    Hair physics that allow the mobility when there is weather,when dancing,and if they’re being active.
    Being able to carry more than one object like books for example.
    When they get messages on the phone or talking on the phone their facial expressions could change throughout the conversation depending on the topics discussed. To add to that being able to control the topics during a phone call and through text just like you would interacting face to face.
    See sheen or water droplets on faces when they workout or if its hot outside.
    Containers with liquid in them would gradually decreased when multiple people take/eat from it. Like wine bottles or coffee pots,water glass, or even coffee they get from a coffee shop.
    Fidgeting if they’re waiting somewhere
    Paras having different eating styles; more proper,messy,fast eaters,slow eaters,picky eaters (those who’d just push food around the plate then would be ‘full’).
    If physics are to be had in the game maybe friends could do each others hair/or brush it and parents could brush their children’s hair.
    Being able to read bedtime stories to children while the parents lay beside them or sit on the bedside reading to them
    Water bottles can be carried around or carried in inventory and could be filled up because it’d help keep the hungry need down for when their need is really low.
    Paras having an animation for putting on their coat or shoes and being able to help others put on their coat
    Paras holding doors open for others (especially couples)
    Pulling out chairs for another para and then sit down afterwards.
    Parents or siblings holding hands with toddlers and children when they’re walking around town

    I know this list is long and may be farfetched but this is just some ideas i had


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