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  • MaisQueVerPensar

    September 28, 2019 at 12:25 am
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    [quote quote=3463]Now, I know the game won’t be going to any extremes…(Alex is leaving that to the mod makers ? )


    A little crime would be nice to have in-game every now and then. It gives our evil Parafolk something fun to do!

    Here’s what I’m thinking:

    • Break-ins & Burglaries: Everyone loves robbers in the Sims, so why not bring that into Paralives, along with the ability to be a thief ourselves! A criminal career track possibly? ?
    • Shoplifting: Oh, our beloved kleptomaniacs! If a character has a certain trait, career, or so on, perhaps they could have an option to steal items from the businesses/stores they visit. The result could be good or bad. If they get caught, they could get banned from the place for a set period of time. If they try it again and get caught…..who knows?
    • Getting Arrested: So, jail might be a little far fetched…..though maybe it’s not! Imagine your character spending a day in jail for starting a fight in public. Or kicking over too many of the neighbor’s trash cans. Now what if they spend a few days in jail for shoplifting and/or burglarizing…..NOW what if a Parafolk in the family gets locked up for an extended period of time for getting caught doing dastardly deed too many times! There’s a way to make it fun, and not punish the player for exploring the dark side. ? ? ?

    Who’s with me on this?


    I never saw a vehicle being robbed on TS3. Another good ideas would be illegal protests (which can be changeable in-game for the mayor, be it you or a NPC).

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