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Home Forums Gameplay & Simulation We all have big ideas, why won't share the small ones aswell? (Details) Reply To: We all have big ideas, why won't share the small ones aswell? (Details)

  • PlyPlay665

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    September 26, 2019 at 4:16 pm
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    I really like the small details in animation. For example:

    -Pawns in a game of chess accurately moving for each move.
    -Grabbing pans and other cooking utensils from the cabinet while cooking.
    -Clocks that tell the correct time.
    -Animations to open/close windows (it would be cool if you could auto open/close or also have the parafolk do it manually, similar to how turning on/off radios and tvs work in Sims 3). Same for lamps?

    Some other ‘small’ features that would be cool imo:
    -Being able to indefinitely carry objects and set them down on specific surfaces (ie. a magazine, a tablet, book, etc); while also being able to cancel the action to just immediately set down the object if you’re in a rush/don’t care.
    -Being able to have different kinds of cell phones or at least colors (whether or not cell phones are automatic)
    -Predetermined swatches for objects where the wood matches all other wood (no 10 different types of light wood), while having an extra button to make it unique. For those who don’t love spending a ton of time building but also allowing customization for those who do.
    -Choosing which way a door open/closes (not both ways). Being able to keep a door open/closed when desired.
    -Being able to take shoes off of any outfit instead of wearing them at all times. Option to have parafolk automatically take shoes off when inside.


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