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  • luseda1

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    July 17, 2019 at 1:28 am
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    If we have robots, I’d kind of like to see cyborgs too, which is something The Sims hasn’t really allowed you to do. I’d love to have visible and invisible augments (only applied to consenting pals, of course) that can improve pals’ lives, as long as the cybernetics stay well-maintained. If the maintenance bar gets too low, the cybernetics start to go haywire and cause chaos. Maybe if it gets too low, they can even die from it

    Cyborgs mostly have all the same needs normal pals do, but some augmentations might slow down or even remove certain needs entirely. The more augmentations a single pal has, the more often they’ll need repairs.

    Perhaps there are also a limited number of slots. 1 Mental augment, 1 arm augment, 1 leg augment and 1 torso augment. Depending on the augments you pick, the person might look more like a robot than a human by the time you’re done. But you can go with all the augments being on the inside too, so they look just like everyone else. When there is a visible component to the augmentation, you can choose the colors, texture and style of the augment.

    I’d love to see an augment that just gives glowing, electronic-looking eyes where you can pick the color.

    Now, if we don’t have disabilities and/or missing limbs in this game, I feel the visible augments should look like they go on top of the pal’s flesh and blood limbs, since we probably don’t want to go into dark territory by implying a perfectly healthy, functioning limb was amputated. But if we do have disabled pals, I could see this being a very interesting option for them. Does the disabled pal get themself augmented so they can walk again, or to compensate for a learning disability? It’s up to the player.

    It probably ought to be possible for cyborgs to go back to being ordinary pals again, though for some augments I could see that not being immersive.


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