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  • dxn

    August 9, 2019 at 11:11 pm
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    Their looks~
    I’d love if you have the option to change the babies clothes and that they can be more diverse like fat or big or little(like a premature baby).

    I’d also love if they could crawl around on the floor and do their own thing, instead of them also being held or carried 24/7

    I’d love if they’d be like a smaller sim toddler when they get to the Walking stage,then can be a full grown toddler.

    I really want to take them somewhere,like by car or scroller,I think it would be cute to take them to stores and stuff.

    I know it sounds kinda harsh,but instead of the babies always just getting removed by child services,i’d like in some cases they’d just die,I feel like there are accidents or illnesses that would make it more relastic,babies aren’t immortal.

    Excited for the game,there’s nothing you will do that’ll ruin jt.❤️ Good luck.


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