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  • Autumn

    September 21, 2019 at 2:12 am
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    I love complex genetic stuff, and I completely agree with you. Also their should be alleles perhaps hidden from the player (or not) that are inherited from parafolk parents. If you just created one maybe all their genes would be homogeneous though, unless there would be an option in the “CAS” of Paralives?

    What I’m interested also in is how traits are going to be implemented. I like the sims 2’s way, but also I like the normal traits like in 3 and 4… I think a mixture would be nice, but now… How much of traits will end up being genetic? And could they be influenced by surroundings and the parafolk life conditions? Or are they just going to be randomized? I think all 3 would give a proper life simulation. Idk,I’m just adding on to your thing here…


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