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Home Forums Gameplay & Simulation So…..what are we calling "Woohoo"? Reply To: So…..what are we calling "Woohoo"?

  • Pinstar

    September 21, 2019 at 12:40 am
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    [quote quote=5105]I agree that “sleep together” is a bit too ambiguous for players that don’t know the connotation of those words in a romantic context. While, yes, not everything needs its own word like the Sims, I think this is an example of a word that would need that to keep its “T” rating.

    That said I’m not creative at all and was perplexed what the simulated people might be called until I saw “Parafolk” which I think works perfectly!!


    I agree of the need to obfuscate it, which is unfortunate as “Paraf*ck” would be a cute play on the Parafolk name.

    I suggest three interactions.

    “Spooning” which is exactly what it says on the tin. A couple cuddling up in a spooning position for some non-sexytimes sleep.
    “Protected Forking” Sexytimes with low/no chance of baby
    “Unprotected Forking” Sexytimes with normal chance of baby

    If you have a couple who is physically unable to produce a baby (gay/lesbian/elderly) Just call the option “Forking”


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